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I’m proud to say I am one of a small, select group of representatives who have been vetted and approved by AMA Insurance (AMAI) to offer disability coverage to physicians through a joint marketing effort between the AMAI and Ohio National Financial Services Inc. The coverage provided by Ohio National has been tailored to meet the needs of high income professionals, with riders designed to meet the levels of protection required of specialized employment, for an extremely affordable price. As a bonus, the relationship between the AMAI and Ohio National currently allows physicians to receive an additional discount.

The program is available to any practicing physician, residents, and final year medical students. Informational pieces specific to each are listed below:

AMA discount: Click here.

Residents: Click here.

Students: Click here.

When starting your new career, it is extremely important to note the differences between the group disability insurance offered by many employers and individual policies, from both a portability and customization perspective when shopping for coverage. Additionally, many practicing physicians have coverage they purchased early in their careers that no longer adequately meets their income needs should they become disabled, and few realize they can supplement their coverage through this program.

Please take a few minutes to provide me with some of the information I need to start the process and get you started down the path of protecting your most valuable asset…your income. 

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